Rudy Manchego and the false outcry

We at Jambags are not adverse to a bit of outrage. In fact, the Jambags gaming podcast (episode 4, out now plug plug) relies heavily on it for content and we aren’t alone. Pretty much all of the internet, particularly when it comes to gaming, is 25% news and 75% outrage.

At its core, we, as humans, love a bit of gossip and to have a target to get justifiably annoyed about. That friend who never stands his round at the bar (Dante) – grrrrr moan moan moan. That woman at work who ALWAYS puts the milk back in the fridge when it is empty, costing you valuable seconds – grrrrrr moan moan moan. Or it could be that game publisher that promises the world, delivers less and rips off unsuspecting punters. GRRRR OUTRAGE!

So far, so human, and when it comes to games, we sink hundreds, if not thousands of hours into them each year. If you are interested in the gaming industry, you are aware of the shifty practices, the seedy attempts at monetisation and all the people trying to take advantage of us gaming enthusiasts. You know of the studios that make buggy games, you know the publisher that sells 4 trillion variants of the same game at launch (that no one buys but oddly sells oodles) and you know the beardy chap that promises multi-player.

As people that keep up to date with the industry, we are part of it as well. I won’t lie and admit that I’ve chipped in to forums and sites with my own cry of SHENANIGANS when the latest scandal drops. Yet, that comes at a price.

We live in a time when everyone is actively looking for a potential scandal to get annoyed about. Take the whole PS4 Spiderman downgrade hoo ha that is currently doing the rounds. Some people have got their mits on the game early and compared some screens from the 2017 E3 trailer and scenes from the 2018 launch game. There is slightly less detail, particularly when it comes to puddles oddly enough and those people are screaming downgrade just as quickly as their fingers can type it and select the poo emoji.

Now downgrades from early trailers are not new and yes, they are dodgy as fudge. Watch Dogs did something similar, showing seemingly next gen graphics that were absent from the launch game. Aliens: Colonial Marine (and yes, I fell foul of that pile of poop), had a great trailer and looked/played completely differently. As in total shite. Why did they do it? Well to generate sales, of course.

So sure, a downgrade can be bad for consumers, however there are levels of downgrade and there are levels of outrage. Now, I am not saying that the launch game isn’t downgraded. It might be. However, a few grainy screenshot comparisons are not enough to get me in a flap. Sony are a good publisher in that they release their games for review before launch. In less than a week, reviews will be out and if it looks crap compared to the trailers, we’ll know. Personally, even if a minor downgrade has occurred, largely due to optimisation, I still think the game will look amazing. However, damage done and the internet has seized on this like a fecalphiliac with a tawny turd. How dare Sony and Insomniac games do this? I am OUTRAGED!

Right now, across the world, Youtubers, websites, blog sites are reporting on not only the story but the outrage. Twitter, reddit, Resetera are ablaze with comments. Ablaze, that is, with something that hasn’t really been proven to have happened. There have probably been death threats because, you know, internet. People are queuing to get on the outrage train for, presumably, some reason.

So my point is this – this might be false advertising. The game might look and play massively inferior to the impressive trailer. In which case, reviewers and gamers can see for themselves and THEN get outraged and decry it. Or, just like The Witcher 3 before it, the game might come out, prove to be cracking and no one will care this story ever happened. So let’s save the outrage for the facts.

Except for the next main line Star Wars story. I am already outraged at them probably killing Lando off as well.

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