Jambags will be at EGX 2018!

Hi all, Rudy Manchego here. Just a quick blog post to go on that myself and Dante Rodriguez are going to be at the EGX Games con at the NEC in Birmingham (UK of course) on Friday and Saturday. What does this mean? Well, hopefully it means a two part podcast special that we will try and record, edit and release on the same day.

What is EGX you might say? Well, it is the UK’s largest gaming exhibition. It typically has a swathe of cool features – such as upcoming or new games from major publishers which you can play, indie titles, indie devs, cosplay, shops, PC gear, gaming competitions and queues. Lots and lots of queues.

Ok, so that’s EGX. What the hell does it have to do with the Jambags gaming podcast? Well, it means that we are going to be wandering around, queuing up for games, giving a running commentary of our day, maybe talk to people on mic or not and possibly meet up with some of the Jammers, those gamers we interview in each Podcast.

It was at EGX last year that myself and Dante first thought about doing some sort of podcast or something together. It’s a fun couple of days, where it feels great to be with other like minded people. We also love paying a lot for not very nice sandwiches. It’s just fun for all.

Rudy is looking forward to meeting up with Gus Van Ploots, indie gamer extraordinaire, playing some indie games, possibly getting a look at some Smash Bros and getting embarrassed at playing some fighting games like Soul Calibur. Dante is itching at himself to play some Assassins Creed Odyssey and get a peek at the Outside Xbox crowd.

So if you are going, keep a lookout for the Jambags logo on our t-shirts. If you aren’t going, then you know, just listen to the podcasts which you can find on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and all good Podcast apps. We’ll also add links on Twitter and Facebook. Because we are awesome!

Listen soon…

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