Rudy Recommends – His top 5 list of 2019 (or rather, best soundtracks of 2019).

So on top of Dante’s rather splendid list of top games we have played in 2019, I have added the below into the mix. To be honest, 2019 was more of a backlog year for me without too many major releases finding their way into my backlog. So here goes:

5: Blood and Truth 

Well to be as exclusive as possible, I went with a PSVR exclusive from Sony London Studios’. This expansion of the demo London Heist on PSVR worlds is a good single player campaign based primarily in the seedy London cockney underworld. A fairly bog standard plot (though nicely acted with a good role from Bond and RE star Colin Salmon), this game excels when it gets to using the Move controllers to replicate your hands and guns, with some neat reload mechanics and movement that feels smooth and not vomit inducing. Another great exclusive that despite some calibration issues with the move controllers at times, was pure fun to play. Worth it to spin guns on your fingers and unload a clip with a flick of your wrists.

4: Devil May Cry 5 (or the one me and Dante agree on).

Truthfully, I started this in 2019 but have actually come back to it in 2020 however, I do very much like this game. Along with Bayonetta, I have only just gotten into this genre and hadn’t played a DMC game since DMC2 on PS2 was a thing. Firstly ,the game is ridiculous, as is the dialog and characters but the devs know it and play on it. It is also completely gorgeous to look at and plays so silky smooth. I suck at it and rarely reach S Class in fights but this is pure fun.

3: Sayonara Wild Hearts

This, along with all my top 3 is proof I will love all games equally if they have a soundtrack I rush out and buy afterwards. This very very brief indie, played on Switch as I think this is important, is a wonderful little game that plays as a great runner/rhythm/pop video mash up and I whizzed through it and have also downloaded it on my Apple TV to have a go there. Brief but replayable and did I mention the amazing soundtrack? 

2: Mutazione

I played this relaxing, self styled mutant soap opera and like the very best narrative driven games, you get an amazing sense of the world and real love for the characters which meant I felt genuinely gutted when I finished the game and there was no more story left. The soundtrack too is wonderfully slow and dreamy (with a few louder moments). A real gem for the year!

1: Katana Zero

This was, hands down, the quickest I consumed a game and my favourite most played album this year. A beautiful pixel game with a fab story about an amnesiac, drug riddled assassin who can slow down time, gave the game a real matrix sensibility as you tried each level, died multiple times with an instant replay that allowed you to experiment until you got it right – whereby you could see your hard earned progress play out in a quick real time that makes you look like the John Wick of video games. You know it’s good when I make two Keanu references in one paragraph. If you can, download and play asap.

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