Your good Jambags co-host here, Rudy Manchego, used to have a rage quitting problem. I’m not proud of it, but gosh darn did I get angry in games. I mean, crazy angry. To put it this way, I once missed a goal in International Super Star Soccer on the N64 when playing a uni housemate and hit the sofa so hard I took all the skin off my hand and knuckles in friction burns.

When I told my GF about it, I was half tempted to tell her that I had gotten the friction burn in doing a weird solo sex act because it seemed slightly less pathetic than the truth. In the end I confessed. Since then, she has seen me get completely infuriated with a lot of games. I think I swore and screamed so loud when playing The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on GC that neighbours complained.

Anyway, it wasn’t just the quitting that was the issue. I would yell, scream, growl, clench fists and hit things (or myself). It wasn’t often that I had been beaten fair and square, I got rage quit if I feel the game had failed me in some way. Think the blue mushroom effect in Mario Kart. If I felt I had died or been stopped because of something I couldn’t control, my heckles would be well and truly raised. I didn’t even know it was medically possible to get your heckles that high. THEN I would quit and feel truly miserable.

The real issue was, of course, not the game but me. I mean, most of the time anyway. A lot of games have difficult sections to affect the pace and affect how you tackle the game. It wants you to learn moves and patterns, master controls and show patience. Games like Dark Souls, Nioh etc. are designed around teaching players to do this. Getting angry meant I didn’t take into account the signals the game was giving me. I cursed them to heck and high water and learned nothing.

The real answer in difficult sections is to go slow, learn from your mistakes and try to build up muscle memory. I didn’t.

Instead, I started to dread games with difficulty. I began to doubt whether I would be able to complete games at all and I really need to connect with a game to get through and complete it.

These days, things have changed. To be honest, the change really came at the start of this gen. When I got back into gaming in a big way after a lull in the latter half of the 360/PS3 era, I hit a wall. Yet, because I had invested in a new console, I persevered. I realised that I needed to go slower and playing games with steeper learning curves like The Last of US, Bloodborne, Hyper Light Drifter etc. taught me more and more patience. I now very rarely rage quit or get angry.

Except for last week when I was playing the PS4 Spiderman DLC and the goons with the mini guns kept blasting me DESPITE ME DODGING WHEN PROMPTED. Or even worse, last night when I was playing Metroid Fusion on the GBA and that B*STARD SPIDER BOSS KEPT GRABBING ME NO MATTER WHAT I DID AND I COULDN’T EVEN GET AWAY AS IT KEPT HAPPENING.

Both of these meant instant console shut down. Both meant I regressed. The thing is, I got back on the horse and went back to gun for those mothers.

That spider boss though. What an absolute &*~”£ %*^@!£$%%”£^&*( licker.

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