About Us

One day, a gamer named Rudy Manchego realised that his long time school friend and fellow drama class alumni, Dante Rodriguez, was a gaming and movie geek of equal esteem. What better way to reconnect then over a shared love of games and popular culture? After all, since school they had moved apart, partnered up, had children, got so white-collar-it-hurts jobs and were each eyeing up their own respective mid-life crisis.

At first it seemed that playing games and sharing movies together might stave off said crisis but, then they thought they could take it further. Why not also talk about it? Together? Make up stories, create characters and act like they used to as kids? Jambags was born.

Jambags aims to produce a regular podcasts about gaming as well as amusing written stories, articles, opinions and the like. Some of them might be made up, some might be true but all will be largely childish and quite silly.  All will contain bad language (because after days watching childrens tv, sometimes you need to let off steam).

The Jambags podcasts is available now on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and all good Podcast apps and RSS Streams. You can read their written works on www.jambags.co.uk and also interact with them via Twitter and Facebook (@jambags_UK and jambagsUK).  They may not respond but if they do, it will be no doubt be a satisfying waste of your time.

If you want to contact either of them, please use the following email address queries@jambags.co.uk. No spam please, unless it is tinned. Nom Nom Nom.